UK scientists launch STEM Genesis to revolutionize DeFi

UK scientists launch STEM Genesis to revolutionize DeFi

PEOPLE | Nov 30, 2021 | WOZINGA NEWS

UK scientists launch STEM Genesis to revolutionize DeFi

  • UK scientists have launched a project intending to help people to leverage their digital capital in a globally sustainable way.

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Staff

UK scientists launch STEM Genesis to revolutionize DeFi

STEM Genesis will develop a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. It will fund innovation in STEM and work on attaining the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

STEM Genesis, the first cryptocurrency-based and NFT investment fund, will connect cryptocurrency and investment in real-world STEM innovation. 

STEM Genesis for DeFi revolution

Project founder Dr. Jackie Lighten has said in a press release, “STEM Genesis will create a new approach to fund research and applied technology irrespective of national or institutional affiliations.”

According to Lighten, the project will be a turning point for the DeFi community. It will help them realize that they have the power to transform cryptocurrency into real-world impact and benefit. 

“The possibilities are endless given that STEM encompasses almost every aspect of our modern life,” Lighten added. “STEM Genesis is revolutionary in that we will aim to bridge the gap between digital assets and real-world application as investment tools or functionality within STEM companies. 

“We are undergoing a digital DeFi revolution, and STEM Genesis aims to pave the way for ethical application of digital assets to solve the world’s most pressing problems.”

Pixel Pongos to crypto-coin

Meanwhile, Pixel Pongos is the first non-fungible token of STEM Genesis. The release will be on December 12 this year. Pongo is a scientific name for orangutan, inspired by the success of the CyberKongz NFT collision.

Owning Pongo will permit community building around the project for future growth and health improvement of the Earth. Moreover, there will be a development of STEM Genesis crypto-coin.

The release noted the purpose of the coin. It is to allow people to directly invest in partnered STEM projects, and also gain exclusive rewards. Such a case is to offset personal utility bills with a green electricity company. 

Triple-A computer game developers, notable artists, carbon neutral/negative manufacturers, and some academic institutes have communicated to STEM Genesis for the partnership.

Integrating ethical applications of digital assets is significant. Do you agree?

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