Time and Investment: Stop saying, “If only I had more time!”

Time and Investment: Stop saying, “If only I had more time!”

Lifestyle | Jun 24, 2021 | WOZINGA NEWS

Time and Investment: Stop saying, “If only I had more time!”

“No one can accumulate time, no more repetition of the time. Then, think about investment and time. “

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

Time and Investment: Stop saying, “If only I had more time!”

In reality, you cannot reverse the time. As other people say, “Once it is gone, it is gone forever.” If you are tired of saying, “If only I had more time!” Then, think about investment and time. 

Invest your time wisely. But, why do you need to do it? Simple. You have to do it for your future self. Most of us want accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction while planning or doing something.

Well, spending your time without acquiring income seems exhausting. Right? So, consider the moment to learn the value of time.

Investment and value of time

Examine some reminders about the value of time.“Time is like money,” Financial Safety Net noted. “Time reflects what you think of yourself and how focused you are in achieving personal goals.”  

However, Marelisa Fabriga is a lawyer and a businesswoman. She differentiated spending and investing. “Spending means using something up or exhausting it,” she said. If someone spends time, that person does not count any return. 

As for investing, she explained, “it means expending resources.” Yet, a person does it “with an expectation of getting a good return on investment (ROI).” 

“Investing your time means that you engage in activities,” Fabriga added. She directly pointed out that calculating your activities brings meaningful rewards. 

Time stealer

There are a lot of things that steal your time. It is the result of mismanagement. Worst. Several decisions become uncertainties.

In addition, the thief of time and productivity is procrastination. It is like someone waiting to have perfect timing to start investing in any cryptocurrencies.

To illustrate, that person never ponders gathering information and doing his research about it. He spends his time aimlessly surfing the internet without creating a passive source of income. He does not even plan to build a business.

Another, a millennial spending his time playing computer games. He does not invest his time in expanding his skills or knowledge to increase his earnings while playing.

It also includes spending time complaining rather than investing time in finding a solution. Lastly, spending time dealing with negative emotions rather than investing time for personal growth.

So, queries occur: How will you invest your time wisely? Have you set your goals? Are you ready to work on making wise investments?

Remember, it is your life. You have to make your own decision in dealing with the time.

Do you agree that time is like an investment?

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