Tesla will be Testing a New Payment Option for Dogecoin, Report says

Tesla will be Testing a New Payment Option for Dogecoin, Report says
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Tesla will be Testing a New Payment Option for Dogecoin, Report says

According to the source code for Tesla's website, the company will be testing a new payment option for dogecoin, The Block Crypto reported Thursday (Jan. 13).


A few days ago, the DOGE payment option was enabled for testing. According to “Tree of Alpha,” a software engineer, the source code proved the corporation was “absolutely” exploring the option, PYMNTS reported.

The code was “already present in the newest Javascript files Tesla uses for processing payments, but the bit involving dogecoin is compelled to return null no matter what happens, therefore never showing (essentially a means to test code in production),” according to Tree of Alpha.

Tesla tries DOGE Payment option

That is, the DOGE payment option is a kind of hidden feature that most people are unaware of. Musk previously stated that the business intended to “see how it goes” with taking DOGE payments.

Musk has not kept his affinity for crypto and DOGE a secret — he’s also invested in the meme-themed cryptocurrency, as well as bitcoin and ether. Furthermore, Tesla began accepting bitcoin for car payments in March 2021, but stopped a few months later in May.

This was attributed to crypto’s environmental impact, with Tesla stating that it was “concerned about the fast-expanding use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions, particularly coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel.”

Taking meme-based coin more seriously

According to PYMNTS, the Dogecoin Foundation, which was founded to help Musk achieve his aim of “placing cryptocurrencies on the moon,” wants people to take the meme-based coin more seriously.

The project currently has a board of directors and advisors, as well as a real “Trailmap” that includes a plan for redesigning the site and eventually creating a point-of-sale decentralized program to make it useable as a currency.

“The Manifesto was our attempt to capture everything the community wanted from the dogecoin project: a ‘currency of the people, for the people, and by the people,’ something mankind could genuinely use to purchase a coffee or pay the rent,” the group claimed.

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