Social media platform Parler to venture into Web3, NFTs

Social media platform Parler to venture into Web3, NFTs


Social media platform Parler to venture into Web3, NFTs

Social media platform Parler will expand its business decentralized technology, including NFTs. 

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Staff

Social media platform Parler to venture into Web3, NFTs

Free-speech social media app Parler, founded in 2018, aims to expand in Web3 and decentralized technology. Based on the company statement, the current numbers of users are over 16 million. 

The social media platform even drew millions of former U.S. President Donald Trump supporters. But the social media network disappeared for about a month this year. At that time, it had approximately 15 million users. 

Google’s app store and other tech giants terminated Parler from hosting calls for violence during the period of the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. So, the free-speech social media network went offline, starting January 10. It went back online on February 15. 

Parler: Embracing NFTs

According to the release on Monday, “Parler will continue building its digital offering with an NFT pipeline that builds communities and fosters creativity while furthering its commitment to free speech and security.”

“No company has been more punitively damaged than Parler by Big Tech, and we, as a business, are now seeking to be an early-stage investor and operator in the Web3 movement: user, not owner, operated,” Parler CEO George Farmer said. 

“Entering the NFT space is a perfect fit for Parler. We have the experience, technical capabilities, and framework to expand into this field,” Farmer added. 

Melanie Trump’s NFT Platform

Concerning its plan, the social media app has initially ventured into nonfungible tokens. It is now assisting the development of Melania Trump’s NFT platform. 

“Parler is providing programming, cryptocurrency, and operational infrastructure support,” according to the statement. 

As for Melania Trump’s NFT platform, it permits users to buy unique digital and physical assets. “Parler’s proven dedication to security and privacy provides a robust backbone, alongside its full-stack operational capacities,” the release also pointed out,

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