Georgian wines become more precious with the blockchain ecosystem

Georgian wines become more precious with the blockchain ecosystem


Georgian wines become more precious with the blockchain ecosystem

  • Georgia holds the record as the oldest wine producer. 
  • Georgia adopts blockchain technology to bring the country’s vintners to expand in the global market. 

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

Georgian wines become more precious with the blockchain ecosystem

Georgian wines are historic. Georgia is also known as the land of ancient wine producers.

In 2017, the archaeologists found the 8,000-year-old pottery shards in Georgia. This country is a former Soviet republic.

Now, the government of Georgia adopts blockchain technology. The aim is to make the country’s vintners become the leading wine producers in the global market. 

Origin of Georgian wines

The journal PNAS released a research article. It revealed that the Georgian vintners started producing wines as early as 6,000 BC–5,800 BC.

In addition, Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveri Gora are the Stone Age villages of the country. These are the places where archeologists found the evidence.

Furthermore, National Geographic reported that archeologist Patrick McGovern analyzed the evidence. He found a chemical fingerprint in the excavated large jars.

So, the study showed that the chemical was tartaric acid. It indicated wine residues. 

On the other hand, the magazine pointed out the statement of David Lordkipanidze. He is a general director of the Georgian National Museum. 

Lordkipanidze said that the wine culture in Georgia has a profound historical origin. He added that the winemakers in Georgia are still using large jars similar to the Neolithic vessels.

Development of local wines in Georgia

Currently, there are over 500 local grape varieties. These are additional proof of how people in Georgia have become the world’s oldest wine producers. 

Meanwhile, another news outlet mentioned the country has more than 1,800 producers. As of 2019, Georgia exported 94 million bottles of wine. 

In 2018, Forbes published an article about why wines in Georgia are the most unique on Earth. Lisa Granik is a Master of Wines. She shared her reasons why the country had to move according to trends.  

“What [the government] wanted were modern temporary wines that they could sell in volume,” Granik said to Forbes. “The state-supported converting these large cooperatives into modern wineries,” 

Enhancement and globalization

Moreover, the government and WiV Technology signed an agreement “to tokenize and enhance the credibility of the Georgian wines.” 

According to the website of WiV, the firm is a blockchain-based platform for unique assets. It is developed for producers and merchants. 

Based on the release, “several Georgian wines and their associated non-fungible tokens (NFTs)” will become available to a vast network. These are the network of wine producers, collectors, and enthusiasts on the WiV platform. 

In this case, the government of Georgia and WiV look forward to positive economic outcomes with the help of blockchain technology.

Do you agree with the idea of bringing Georgian wines into the global market through blockchain-based technology?

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