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Wozinga Listing in ICO FAQ

For everyone taking part in an ICO, IEO or ISO on the Wozinga Exchange

For all of those who are taking part you in one of these events on the Wozinga exchange please understand Wozinga does not control or distribute the coins from these events they are managed by the organization that created the coin or token offering.

After you have registered and verified your account on Wozinga you will need to copy the Wallet Address from your account and send it to the organization who created the coins or tokens and they will be able to transfer the balance to your wallet.

1. To do this go to your account dashboard and click the "Deposit" button
Wozinga Dashboard

2. In the deposit screen, click on the drop down menu and select the correct coin/token
Select Coin

3. Once you have selected the correct wallet screen shot your QR code and copy and paste the wallet address and send these 2 items to your ICO, IEO, ISO provider and they will be able to transfer your balance.

Wallet Address

If the organization you have purchased the coins or token from has not given you any information or instructions on how to redeem your balance please contact them before you contact Wozinga as we have no control over the distribution of new coins this is not a service we currently provide to anyone listed on our exchange.

Contact Information for Listed Coins

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Last update September 2019

1. Go to

2. Click register button on the upper or in the middle part of the page


3. Fill in the details and click “Submit”.


4. After clicking "submit" button, you'll be redirected to "Email OTP Verification".


-->4.1 You will receive an email with the OTP verification code.


-->4.2 Use the OTP code in "Email OTP Verification"


It will automatically redirect to "Login page"

5. Login using the account that you created.


-->5.1 After login you will also receive OTP verification in your personal email.


-->5.2 Use the OTP Verification code and click "Validate"


It will automatically redirected to your dashboard

5. Welcome to your Wozinga dashboard page.


For new account security purposes, user must provide KYC Documents


To Add KYC Documents:

1. Open account profile.


2. Fill in all the KYC information, you will need to also include a profile picture.


3. Click button (?)Info for KYC information, to guide you uploading photos


-->3.1. KYC Information


4. Review and Submit the KYC application.

Note: Your KYC Application will be verified within 48 hours after submission.


QR code is located in User Dashboard under Profile Information


1. Scan the QR code and get the 6-Digit unique code

Note: If you want to change your password, you need the 6-Digit TFA code, Please make sure to keep it

2. Put it on the 6-Digit code under the QR scan image

3. Just click the enable button to activate your TFA Status


4. Done! Your TFA Status is ACTIVE

To Change password

1. Open your Account Dashboard and click the Security link


2. You can now change your password


3. To Change password please provide the Old password and your 6-Digits TFA Code

4. After all the required details provided with no error - click Submit