Eric Adams, NYC Mayor-elect says schools must teach about cryptocurrency

Eric Adams, NYC Mayor-elect says schools must teach about cryptocurrency


Eric Adams, NYC Mayor-elect says schools must teach about cryptocurrency

  • In a CNN interview, Eric Adams of New York stated that he believes schools should begin teaching crypto technology to their kids.
  • The remarks came just days after Adams said that he would accept bitcoin as payment for his first few paychecks as mayor of New York City.

By Elah Mae Ariate Wozinga Staff

NYC Mayor Eric Adams converting his paycheck into Bitcoin

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams will take office in 2022. However, he’s already working on legislative changes related to bitcoin and also blockchains, according to the report.

In an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union,” Adams stated that he wants schools to teach youngsters about cryptocurrency technology. His purpose is to raise young people’s awareness of how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work.

Integrating cryptocurrency into university curricula

“Cryptocurrency is a new way for people to pay for products and also services,” Adams explained. “We must open our schools to teach technology and this new way of thinking about paying for products and services.”

In addition, Bloomberg reported, teaching bitcoin in schools is not a new concept. Students ranging from local high schools to universities beginning to incorporate crypto themes into their curriculum.

Adams did not explain what level of education he would like to see crypto integrated into the curriculum.

However, the movement for a more crypto-friendly New York City is not without its detractors. In a tweet, Jason Furman. A Harvard professor and former member of the Obama Administration’s Council of Economic Advisors. He said Adams’ crypto idea was a “poor economic strategy for NYC.”

“It also appears to be a conflict of interest,” Furman added. “It’s like a mayor declaring, ‘I’m going to buy a lot of Amazon shares and then put laws in place to benefit Amazon.'”

Eric Adams intends to promote innovation by utilizing cryptocurrencies

Adam’s comments regarding crypto in schools come just days after he told crypto entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano in a tweet thread. He said that he would accept bitcoin for his first three payments as mayor.

In addition, part of his ongoing agenda to make the Big Apple into a center for innovation and crypto. Adams also attempted to outdo Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who recently stated that he would accept his next paycheck in bitcoin, according to the report.

Adams also reacted to a question on whether he would encourage New York City retailers to start using cryptocurrencies in their transactions. “We are going to look at it, and we are going to tread gently, and we are going to get it right,” he said.

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