Eco-friendly crypto mining expedites across the world

Eco-friendly crypto mining expedites across the world


Eco-friendly crypto mining expedites across the world

  • Eco-friendly crypto mining: Geothermal, wind, solar, and cow manure powers are the vision of the crypto miners.
  • Some governments and private firms aim to establish a positive vibe in the crypto community as environmentally friendly.
Eco-friendly crypto mining expedites across the world

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

Eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining is the prime move across the globe within the blockchain community. Also, several firms and governments are working to establish eco-friendly mining.

But, all of these eco-crypto mining movements happen as a response to all criticism. At the same time, there are reports about the crackdown on crypto mining in some parts of China. 

So far, there are states in the US that are open to crypto mining as a business. To name these places, here are Illinois, Texas, and Wyoming.

Eco-friendly crypto mining in El Salvador: Geothermal Power by Volcano

Now, El Salvador is moving forward to accomplish the master plan for Bitcoin. As the pioneering country to legalize Bitcoin, the El Salvador legislature voted to legalize Bitcoin as a currency. It follows the plan to mine through the volcano’s energy as geothermal power.

Future Lab Executive Thorsten Kühnel: Wind Power

Moreover, the chief executive of Future Lab, Thorsten Kühnel, admitted that they examined the technical feasibility of wind power. His goal is to set up crypto mining not only for bitcoin but also for other digital currencies.

Blockstream and Square: Solar Power

In addition, one of the eco-friendly mining solutions is solar power. Thus, Blockstream makes a move with Square to build “an open-source, solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility in the US.” Square will invest $5 million into this project, but there is no revelation for the timescale.

As a digital payment firm, Square tweeted on June 5 that they have officially partnered with Blockstream to launch the project as a Bitcoin Clean Energy initiative. On June 12, Blockstream announced on its website.

Easy Crypto Hunter: Cow Manure Power

Next on the list is the carbon-neutral crypto mining powered through cow dung. A UK Metro news site revealed the additional income of the farmers due to manure in which it transforms as energy. Easy Crypto Hunter is a UK-based company manufacturer of crypto mining hardware. The goal of the firm is to broaden this environmental crypto mining.

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