DOGE real estate property: Oh my! Is it real?

DOGE real estate property: Oh my! Is it real?


DOGE real estate property: Oh my! Is it real?

  •  FNTX and 355 Developments partnership offer clients to buy real estate property in Lisbon, Portugal. using Doge. 

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

DOGE real estate property in Portugal

“At last! You can buy luxury condos with your Doge.”

In a recent release, luxury condos in the coastal capital city of Portugal are now available not only for Dogecoin holders but also for Cardano, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

But, who made this possible for the joke coin? This partnership offers clients to buy real estate property in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Well, Switzerland-based cryptocurrency payments FNTX Capital Suisse made this possible with 355 Developments. It is a property development firm based in Portugal. 

FNTX and 355 Development partnership

Cryptoslate reported that FNTX expressed that the team up with 355 Developments and several top-tier residential projects has completed the business circle.

At this point, it clarifies “the way people market, search for, buy, sell and invest in properties.”

In addition to the announcement, it discussed the custody, bond, stablecoins, digital exchange, fiat settlement, AML/KYC solutions. 

It shows that all of these aspects streamline the property operations and expand investment options for developers and investors.

David Rabbi, the founder of FNTX, stated that it says a lot about the future of the blockchain industry and the real estate property business as the top-class asset in the world.

DOGE price, properties, and trend

Meanwhile, this development plan has gained lots of support from several entities. To name some of its supporters, these are Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Innpulsa, and Biointropic y Tribe Accelerator Singapur.

In addition, Bogotá Mayor Claudia López posted on Twitter. She invited local firms to apply for the blockchain program beginning on June 25. Moreover, another report said that Bogotá has three programs that involve products, services, and innovative environmental businesses.

At some point, Cointelegraph relayed that this metropolis had become the headliner as the city launched the free online classes included blockchain technology. Besides, CoinDesk retold the growth of cryptocurrencies back in 2020 with 11.3% of the country’s global trading volume.

Do you want to buy real estate property in Portugal with DOGE?

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