Cryptocurrency-trading hamster ‘Mr. Goxx’ passed away

Cryptocurrency-trading hamster ‘Mr. Goxx’ passed away

PEOPLE | Nov 27, 2021 | WOZINGA NEWS

Cryptocurrency-trading hamster ‘Mr. Goxx’ passed away

  • Mr. Goxx received much attention both online and in real life; now, he died. 

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Staff

Cryptocurrency-trading hamster ‘Mr. Goxx’ passed away

Mr. Goxx, a hamster, gained popularity on Twitch and Twitter due to his ability to outperform professional traders. 

Due to Goxx’s contribution to the crypto community, thousands of his followers on Twitter expressed their sadness when he died on Tuesday. 

“Most of our viewers really got attached to our buddy – and many didn’t even care about the crypto.” Goxx’s owner told the BBC.

No plan for successor

Speaking of, the individuals behind the Goxx Capital do not plan to get a new pet as a successor of the hamster. The owner also stated: 

“This hit me harder than I expected. When that choice is made and we decide to have a new family member, we could think about continuing with the project. Until then, no plans.”     

Before, the partners were just joking and tried to prove the randomness of success. They labeled Goxx, crypto-trader hamster, as ‘the light-hearted side project.

Interestingly, the hamster ran in the ‘intention wheel’ in selecting which cryptocurrency he liked to trade.

Such an experiment started in Germany. However, Goxx’s partners identified as a programmer and as a lecturer. Both of them remain anonymous. 

Mr. Goxx impressive trading

On June 12, the rodent started crypto trading with €326 (£278), buying for Stellar (XLM). The first month of trading was bumpy; the capital was down 7.3%. 

But Goxx’s trading career changed on September 27. The hamster’s performance increased to 19.41%. 

Protos, a crypto-news site, also calculated that Goxx’s financial result beat Berkshire Hathaway, the company of Warren Buffet. 

Though the rodent did random trading, he received much attention both online and in real life. His human partners emphasized with every tweet that Goxx Capital was not an investment firm.

The success in cryptocurrency trading is random. Do you agree?

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