Cryptocurrency as a salary option is in demand, study reveals

Cryptocurrency as a salary option is in demand, study reveals
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Cryptocurrency as a salary option is in demand, study reveals

Over one-third of employees prefer having their wages in cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency as a salary option is in demand, study reveals

The option to be paid in cryptocurrency is surprisingly the hot ticket for numerous employees.

36% of employees favor having their paycheck in cryptocurrency, according to the latest survey by SoFi at Work. In addition, 42% prefer non-fungible tokens to be a performance reward. 

Cryptocurrency as salary

Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence Dan Schawbel, also a New York Times best-selling writer, commented in a release:

“People’s preferences are quickly evolving, and the companies who can adapt quickly are the ones that will come out on the top in the war for talent.” 

Schawbel’s statement recommended that the companies begin adopting a new perspective of compensating people. 

Speaking of financial welfare, only 55% of employees think their employers show consideration about the matter. 51% of workers are currently facing more financial stress. 

If employers initiated actions to improve employees’ financial well-being, companies’ productivity would take above fulfillment. 

Productivity would reach 86%, job satisfaction (84%), health (84%), and talent retention (86%). 

As for this case, a study suggested that employers need to reduce employees’ financial stress. 

Adaptation of digital assets

Well, accepting salaries in cryptocurrency appears more appealing around the world. NFT is also a hot-button topic. 

Ethereum and Dogecoin are famous salary options despite the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 

Some politicians have expressed willingness to convert their salary into bitcoin. New York City Mayor Eric Adam, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, and Belgian MP Christophe De Beukelaer are among them.

Other models are NBA stars Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala. They decided to receive a portion of their future paychecks in bitcoin. 

Plus, billionaire businessman Mark Cuban’s NBA team Dallas Mavericks has been accepting digital assets as payment since 2019. 


By Marielle Petere Wozinga Staff

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