Coinbase ‘Ambitious Plans’ building Crypto hub in India

Coinbase ‘Ambitious Plans’ building Crypto hub in India


Coinbase ‘Ambitious Plans’ building Crypto hub in India

  • Coinbase is actively building a crypto hub in India.
  • The company wants to hire hundreds of different world class engineers within the near term.
  • They offer $1000 in crypto to their new employee when they decided to start.

By Elah Mae Ariate Wozinga Journalist

Crypto Hub in India

Coinbase, a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, is now actively constructing a specific cryptocurrency hub in India. The company declares “ambitious plans” for the new South Asian crypto hub. In addition, the company is considering hiring hundreds of new engineers for a variety of positions.

'Crypto Hub' in India

The company’s VP of Engineering and Site Lead in India, Pankaj Gupta, stated their plans in a Coinbase blog post. He previously joined Coinbase about two months ago to assist the company in establishing and leading a brand-new tech hub.

As Gupta explained and elaborated, there has never been a “more exciting time” for people working in crypto. He also stated that this is true globally, but especially in India. Gupta went on to say that India is now experiencing a surge in crypto-native talent as well as the creation and growth of various crypto projects.

Coinbase Plans

According to News Bitcoin, Gupta also stressed that the company’s India tech hub is still in its early stages. Despite its newness, the tech hub has already taken off with an incredible amount of interest in its open roles from all over India.

He also stated that Coinbase is now looking into startup acquisitions. The popular Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange is currently hiring for both junior and senior roles, with a variety of positions available.

Coinbase also intends to establish a Core Support Team. Product management, design and program management, user experience, and possibly other positions are available. Gupta also mentioned that Coinbase is now building a strong “core support team” in areas such as HR and recruiting. This will help to provide better well-rounded support for their hub.

Gupta stated that the company has “ambitious plans” for their hub soon. It was also revealed that the company plans to hire hundreds of world-class engineers.

New Program called ‘Clkka’

Gupta also stated that, as a product-led company, Coinbase’s new hires in India must understand the various services and products that they attempt to help deliver. He explains that this is why they are launching a new program called Clkka, which is an abbreviation for “Coinbase India Sikka.”

According to the report, when they decide to start, the program is expected to offer every new employee in India a massive $1,000 in cryptocurrency. Coinbase officially announced their plan to expand in India in March, and the company also announced plans to launch a new Apple-like app store.

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