CNN will accept credit card payments for its historic news as NFTs

CNN will accept credit card payments for its historic news as NFTs


CNN will accept credit card payments for its historic news as NFTs

  • CNN will join Time Magazine and Fox in the blockchain space by dropping its archived news coverage as NFTs. 
  • Cable News Network deals with another approach in the NFT market by also accepting payment via credit card. 

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

CNN to accept credit card payments for its historic news as NFTs

CNN sets to drop digital collectibles. It deals with an unusual payment approach in the NFT market. They clarify that users are not required to pay with cryptocurrency; yet, can purchase with credit cards.

The NFT space proliferates in media and news outlets. To name the pioneering news sites which embrace NFT, these are Time Magazine and Fox. At this time, CNN joins the blockchain space.

Also, Cointelegraph mentioned that the initial launch starts in late June. This event will cover six weekly drops, labeled as “Vault by CNN: Moments That Changed Us.”

The grounds of embracing NFT

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase announced the listing of Polkadot within its Coinbase Pro platform.

The transferring of DOT into pro accounts is now possible but, the trading will start on Wednesday, June 16. Also, the company clarified that trading will be possible if they met their liquidity conditions.

However, DOT is not yet available on Coinbase’s website or mobile apps. In fact, the exchange has stated that they will announce their plans once support is enabled outside Coinbase Pro. Support for Polkadot will be available in the publicly traded crypto exchange for many supported countries, but Singapore will be excluded.

Recent and Upcoming Listings

“Until now, there has been no way to ‘collect’ these moments,” CNN explained the launching of Vaults as NFTs.

“Users can often find old footage online, or packaged up in documentaries, but they cannot ‘own’ them or display them in the way they can with a print newspaper or magazine,” cable news channel added.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, these are about presidential elections, technological advancements, and other moments. Plus, it will include a vault to buy, store, and exhibit. Yet, Cable News Network does not disclose specific tokenized moments.

CNN joint force with other firms

It will present the 41-year iconic moments of the WarnerMedia-owned cable news channel. Furthermore, users can purchase the “Moments” with credit cards via Stripe.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph reported that CNN selected the Flow blockchain due to “its energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.” In addition, it has collaborated with the video prints company, Infinite Objects.

Hollywood Reporter revealed that this partnership gives users an option to generate physical versions of the digital collectible. These comprise “a premium video display case that will render a physical representation of the Moment of a screen.” Also, CNN’s NFTs are limited edition sets.

Do you like to purchase the CNN digital collectibles using credit cards?

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