Burger King Brazil to help animal protection NGO via DOGE for ‘Dogpper’

Burger King Brazil to help animal protection NGO via DOGE for ‘Dogpper’


Burger King Brazil to help animal protection NGO via DOGE for 'Dogpper'

  • Burger King in Brazil released the ad for Dogpper with Dogecoin as a payment option.
  • A portion of Dogpper proceeds to fund an animal protection NGO named Petlove. 

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

Dogecoin for 'Dogpper' dog biscuit; Burger King Brazil to help animal protection NGO

Dogecoin for ‘Dogpper,’ a dog biscuit, is now available in the Burger King franchise in Brazil.

For pet lovers who own canines, the company sells Dogpper. A portion of dog snacks proceeds to fund an animal protection NGO named Petlove.

Meanwhile, a media outlet explained that Dogpper would be available for limited days in Brazil.

What is Dogpper?

It is a brand new kind of dog biscuit, yet it is for canines. It says it has a popular grilled meat BK flavor.

In 2019, the fast-food chain launched the product in Argentina. As of July, Burger King in Brazil released an advertisement for Dogpper in the country with DOGE as a payment option.

“Now you can buy Dogpper with dogecoin, take advantage of it,” the ad notes. “What is the best way to pay for a product aimed at dogs? Obviously, Dogecoins.”

Whopper plus Dogpper

Whopper is the best-seller menu item of Burger King. It is the company’s flagship. Since the fast-food chain is known as “The Home of the Whopper,” it gains another attention across the globe.

For that aspect, the reason is the value meals plus DOGE payment for the additional dog treat— the Dogpper. Each Dogpper costs 3 DOGE.

At the time of publication, the meme coin price is $0.2051. So the equivalent amount of the Dogpper is $0.60.

The Burger King in Brazil has announced that the availability of the service has started since Monday. A crypto news outlet relayed the statement of the firm. It pointed out that the ‘availability reasons’ the company has recommended ‘purchasing a maximum of five units.’

How to purchase using dogecoin?

The company’s site provides easy steps. First, the customer must check the availability. Second, the customer needs to select the number of dog biscuits.

Third, the customer must complete filling out the form. Lastly, the customer must transfer the meme coin from his wallet to Burger King (BK) Brazil’s wallet.

When the customer does not have DOGE, he can still purchase Dogpper with Brazillian real. For delivery, there are several food delivery apps.

Still, it depends on the availability. To mention some of the mobile apps, these are BK Delivery, Rappi, Uber Eats, Ifood, and 99 Food.

Currently, the company sells Dogpper as a dog snack. Yet, Burger King Brazil does not include DOGE payments for customers’ food.

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