Blockchain boosts the solution against fake COVID-19 vaccines

Blockchain boosts the solution against fake COVID-19 vaccines


Blockchain boosts the solution against fake COVID-19 vaccines

  • Blockchain could identify fake COVID-19 vaccines. 
  • Fake COVID-19 vaccines and products have started to become rampant.

By Marielle Petere Wozinga Journalist

Blockchain boosts the solution against fake Covide-19 vaccines

Blockchain technology reveals innovation can reduce fraud. It also guarantees fast transactions and secure trades. 

However, fake COVID-19 vaccines and products have started to become rampant. For the past months, there were several reports indicated the incidents. 

Interpol recently released a warning against fake COVID-19 vaccines, medicines, tests, and unapproved protective clothing. 

Fake COVID-19 vaccines: Cases unfold

In that case, the World Health Organization warned the people of the falsified COVISHIELD vaccines. It occurred last month in India, Myanmar, and Uganda. 

Currently, Africa is the largest market for falsified medicines across the globe. In this situation, 800 people paid fake COVID-19 shots in Uganda, worth $34 to $163. 

Pfizer is one of the biopharmaceutical giant companies.  It affirmed in April 2021 the falsely marked vaccine in Mexico and Poland. Fake Pfizer vaccines sold for up to $2,500. 

The Chinese authorities arrested 70 people and a man named Kong last February. His team smuggled 58,000 fraudulent vaccines overseas, with a total price of 18 million yuan. 

In Australia, fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates have become available online. The usual worth is $120. Other scam sites even claim they could access into Australian Immunization Registry to fake vaccination records. 

Blockchain: Potential of technology in medicine

To resolve the problems, UNICEF has been investigating the blockchain potential for many years. The purpose is to document the vaccine’s condition and authenticity. 

From packaging to storing, scanning serial numbers via blockchain will reveal transparency and tamper-proof.  Several shipping companies use this technology to enhance quality control and share data between institutions. 

If implemented, it will serve as proof of the authenticity of the original manufacturer. Thus,  the Global Trust Repository allows vaccines to be scanned and verified. 

Moreover, comparing the serial number to a blockchain-secured list of product codes becomes advisable.

In this sense, the blockchain could identify fake COVID-19 vaccines or counterfeit medicines. 

Do you agree that blockchain is the solution to eliminate fake covid-19 vaccines?

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