BitXchange officially listed Bitcoin 2.0

BitXchange officially listed Bitcoin 2.0


BitXchange officially listed Bitcoin 2.0

  • It employs user-friendly and up-to-date security features; the team exerts all effort on complying with various regulations of different countries.
  • Bitcoin 2.0 helps defeat mainstream media by supporting independent news sites.

By Elah Mae Ariate Wozinga Journalist

BitXchange officially listed Bitcoin 2.0

BitXchange has officially listed Bitcoin 2.0. This decentralized currency aims to defeat mainstream media by supporting independent news sites. 

Jamie McIntyre, the founder of the Australian National Review, previously stated that many donors support the independent media using Bitcoin 2.0.

Furthermore, BitXchange co-founder Michael Saunders addressed the holders’ concerns about account security and government laws compliance. 

Expect the best on BitXchange!

BitXchange is a Digital Currency Exchange that was created with the end-user in mind. The team focused on the consumer market. 

BitXchange team conducted a survey. The survey shows that customers want the flexibility to access many coins with the ability to access research but to be secure when purchase. According to the BitXchange website, they focused on providing the market visibility with the security of the trades. 

Fast Withdrawal Process 

Customers need to be able to get their hands on their money. Customers desire instant access to their funds. The team guarantees that they will process your payment immediately upon receipt of the request unless it requires further processing. 

In fact, BitXchange’s goal is to automate 97% of all withdrawals that fall with legal limits immediately. 

Intuitive Platform 

Their goal as an exchange is to help individuals feel safe and secure while they maximize their involvement in the crypto industry. Giving their customers a portal to the crypto world in which customers can engage securely. 

Instant KYC and Security 

BitXchange team highly respects the privacy of the customers. So, they will only request the information that is necessary to ensure the team will know who you are. This keeps in compliance with government regulations of knowing your customer. They understand this can be inconvenient but to keep the world a safe place it is necessary. 

In the crypto world, security is King. BitXchange security team is running constant scans against their system to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Customer safety is the priority of the team. They appreciate and respect customer’s trust.  

Bitcoin 2.0 and independent media

Now that Bitcoin 2.0 has been updated to include the New Media Coin, the XBTC2 coin can be converted and used for advertising space, email blasts, and other purposes.  

According to its White Paper, the Bitcoin 2.0 payment system is faster than Bitcoin due to its Ethereum 2.0 blockchain technology platform. It uses Eth2; the XBTC2 cryptocurrency has a distinct edge over Bitcoin. 

At some point, McIntyre explained the roles of independent media in exposing the truth despite the outspread of fake news due to mainstream media. 

Before McIntyre ended his statement, he clarified that without the growth of independent media. The world cannot be free, yet it will head down to a dark totalitarian path. 

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